Chef Aaron Bludorn of Café Boulud - Biography

New York, NY

February 2017

Aaron Bludorn attended the Culinary Institute of America before making his way to Seattle to work at the fine-dining institution Canlis. Moving from Seattle to the Napa Valley in 2006, Bludorn then spent three years as part of the team at Cyrus, during which time the restaurant received two Michelin stars.

Lured by the lore of New York City restaurants, Bludorn researched his next move. Chef and mentor Douglas Keene of Cyrus encouraged Bludorn to visit Daniel Boulud. In agreement that Boulud’s kitchens offered all the things he was seeking—a culture of excellence, high-quality everything, opportunity for growth, and mentorship—Bludorn moved to New York after four days of trailing, observing, and interacting with the group’s chefs. He had found a new home in the kitchen of Café Boulud in 2009. 

Working under the newly appointed Chef Gavin Kaysen, Bludorn worked his way up from the fish station to sous chef and chef de cuisine. Since 2014 he has served as the restaurant’s executive chef, making expressive, delicious food grounded in traditional techniques and cuisine. Influenced by Kaysen’s ability to build a sense of community among his team, Bludorn is deeply involved in Careers Through Culinary Arts Programs, among other organizations, and welcomes the program’s students and graduates into his kitchen. He judges the organization’s annual scholarship-granting competition, and through his work, Bludorn is building the next generation of culinary leaders.