Rising Star Aajay Murphy of Rev Coffee - Biography

Smyrna, GA

May 2012

Carefully balancing a craft and a service, Aajay Murphy aims to please the palate and the sensibilities with a precise attention to detail. Murphy began his coffee career as a low-level barista at a drive-thru, fast-food-esque, specialty coffee chain. From that point he moved forward to a small café that roasted its own beans, and slowly worked toward learning the basics of roasting. He began to enjoy the complexities that come with the art and craft of roasting and brewing coffee, especially the never-ending supply of questions.

Murphy trained with Daniel Riggins as Assistant Coffee Roaster at another local (and much larger) coffee roasting company, learning valuable lessons and skills that began to shape his consciousness of the specialty coffee world. Murphy took a sabbatical from roasting to serve one of the nation’s finest beans as a trained barista at a now defunct café in Milton, Georgia. The almost year long exposure to the heightened standards of quality and service that came with serving a leading specialty product fundamentally shaped Murphy’s coffee epistemology.

Throughout the 6 years of coffee-ing, Murphy has learned that the happiness of the customer is the most important goal, above all else. And now, at Rev Coffee, Murphy has reunited with Riggins to bring the craft and service together in meaningful ways.