Chef Jason Knibb of NINE-TEN - Biography

La Jolla, CA

October 2011

Jason Knibb has a pedigree that reads like a travel guide. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and raised in Southern California, Knibb’s culinary education took him from Los Angeles to Maui to Santa Monica and San Francisco, with a tour in Warsaw, Poland, for climactic diversity. But Knibb is no tourist. He’s an ambitious chef who trained on the job, in a variety of time zones, and in some excellent kitchens.

Besides Wolfgang Puck, who Knibb worked with at LA’s Eureka, the young chef trained with culinary luminaries like Roy Yamaguchi and Hans Rockenwagner. "Each of my mentors has a simple common philosophy about cooking," says Knibb. "They create regional cuisine using the freshest local products available.” Incorporating this philosophy into his cooking has led Knibb to some key positions in California kitchens, including sous chef positions at two beloved California eateries, Moose Café in San Francisco and Joe’s Restaurant in Venice. Knibb even got the opportunity to act as a kind of culinary ambassador, personally overseeing the menu development for Malibu, a California cuisine outpost set in the decidedly less-sunny city of Warsaw, Poland.

After two years at Joe’s, Knibb landed a sous chef position under chef Trey Foshee at the Tree Room in Robert Redford’s star-studded Sundance Village in 1998. Working under Foshee, whom he would eventually succeed as executive chef, Knibb further developed what would become his signature “earth-to-table” style of cooking. Since Knibb took the helm at Nine-Ten in 2003, praise for the chef and his updated Californian cuisine flows in at a steady rate. Knibb was one of the first three chefs to be inducted into the 2009 San Diego Chef Hall of Fame.