Neobiani-gui: Marinated Grilled Beef

Adapted by
November 2010
Yield: 4 Servings


Beef Seasoning
Pear juice
1 tablespoon sugar
½ tablespoon honey
½ tablespoon sesame oil
Whey Sauce
½ tablespoon thick soy sauce
½ tablespoon sesame oil
2 tablepoons thick soy sauce
Chopped garlic
Chopped spring onions
freshly ground black pepper
Grilled Beef
200 grams beef
100 grams deoduck root, halved lengthwise
100 grams Sarcodon aspratus mushrooms
Pickled white radish


For the Beef Seasoning:
Combine the pear juice, sugar, honey, and sesame oil in a bowl. Reserve.

For the Whey Sauce:
Combine the soy sauce and sesame oil in a bowl. Reserve.

For the Marinade:
Combine the soy sauce, garlic, spring onions, and freshly ground black pepper in a bowl. Reserve.

For the Grilled Beef:
Preheat a grill. Mix the beef with the beef seasoning in a medium bowl. Coat the deoduck halves with the whey sauce and grill them. Season the mushrooms, and grill them. Remove both the mushroom and deoduck from the grill when tender and allow them to rest. Thoroughly coat the beef with the marinade, then grill the beef over a low heat.

To Assemble and Serve:
Plate the grilled beef, mushroom and deoduck.