Top Apps for Running a Restaurant

By Caroline Hatchett


Caroline Hatchett
2016 San Francisco Rising Star Concept Award Winner Charles Bililes of Souvla
2016 San Francisco Rising Star Concept Award Winner Charles Bililes of Souvla

Charles Billilies, essentially, can run his restaurant from an iPhone. "Restaurants are inherently analog, and require a talented team on the ground to manage the operation itself,  for which I am very grateful to have," says Bililies. "Having said that, provided there's internet access, I can get an immediate, real-time snapshot of the business from my iMac or iPhone via email, online dashboards, and a host of apps."  Here are the services and apps that he relies on to make Souvla hum. 

Square Register receives all orders—dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

Square Dashboard tracks revenue and sales in real- time, and generates week-to-week, month-to-month comparisons.

Lutron Caseta’s wireless dimmers allow managers to adjust Souvla’s lighting via iPhone, and schedule the lights to dim/brighten/turn on/turn off at certain times.

Plate IQ allows managers to upload and track purchases and monitor item prices and food cost. Bililies is working with Plate IQ on an inventory component to take end-of-the-month inventory mobile with up-to-date pricing. Goodbye Excel!

Gusto runs payroll, workers comp, and employee benefits all from a simple web portal.

Homebase runs through Square Register and handles timekeeping, employee scheduling, and real-time labor costs.

Nest Cams handles all of Souvla’s safety and security needs. It also allows managers to monitor the business when they’re not on the floor, and determine when they need to shift from the office to front of house.

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