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The Inn at Champoeg

8899 Champoeg Road Northeast
Aurora, OR, 97137
(503) 678-6088
Rooms start at $149

Many of the area’s vineyards are accessible from this cozy countryside B&B, but you can escape the hustle and bustle of wine trail tourists here. Owners Paterese and West Livaudais cook breakfast at the inn, often weaving in herbs, flowers, and fruits from their garden. They craft their own house-made English muffins for their Eggs Benedict, and poach the eggs so that the yolk is obligingly velvety and runny. If you’re a closet knitter (there’s one in every family), the couple also double as alpaca farmers, both to sell the wool (much sought after by Armani-wearing types, it seems) and to show off these strange, fuzzy little creatures.

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