Kate Duffy

The soft pretzel, to Philadelphians, is as universally loved as a food can be. Cheesesteaks, long considered (by outsiders) to be the city’s...

Sean Kenniff
Caroline Hatchett

It’s saucy. Spicy. Cheeky. And there’s even tongue. Starting on day one of prep for Chef Eli Collins’ six-day terrine at a....

Caryn Ganeles
Caroline Hatchett

John Patterson is driving back from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, trying to beat a snowstorm. He’s following a route that...

Alexandra Jones
Clay Williams

Philadelphia’s dining scene is sometimes overlooked in favor of bigger, wealthier cities like New York and San Francisco, but there are...

Lisa Elbert
Jaclyn Warren
Caroline Hatchett

For a state that produces more than 1.6 million gallons of wine annually and is home to a multibillion dollar wine industry, people sure don...

Caroline Hatchett, Illustrations by Jordan Johnson
Clay Williams

Even though he’s a few years shy of 30, Harry Jamison has an old curmudgeon-y bartending soul—at least when it comes to naming drinks...

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