For Chocolate Lovers only

Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the April, 2004 edition of For Chocolate Lovers Only! Each month, you’ll find recipes, tips, and recommendations on great chocolate specialties. So much is happening this month! Spring is in full bloom, and Easter, Passover, and Beltane are all observed. Let’s get into the kitchen and celebrate with something chocolate!

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month: I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there complacently, thinking you know brownies. You’ve been around the block once or twice, you’ve tasted a lot of brownies in your life, and there just ain’t much new under the sun out there. Innocent reader, prepare to have your little snow-globe world of brownie truths vigorously shaken. Bob’s Brownstone Brownies are generously proportioned, bittersweet-fudgy-headrush creations with the density of a black hole. We’re talking brownies so intense they ought to come with warning labels (although if you eat an entire three-inch square, you probably won’t be operating any heavy machinery immediately afterward anyway). Very little flour or sugar is used in these brownies, and the result is an edible epiphany. I haven’t been surprised by a brownie in a very long time, but my first taste of one of these was a genuine revelation.

Bob’s Brownstone Brownies, proudly produced in an honest-to-goodness Brooklyn brownstone, come in many varieties. I’m particularly fond of the cleverly-named Gelding (his nutless brownie), but I can also recommend the Grand Marnier variety. If you’re looking for something a tad more exotic, try the Rum Raisin or the Cappuccino. There are a large number of flavors from which to choose. This small company also offers sandwich cookies (some chocolate dipped), custom gift boxes, and standard gift box assortments; there is a plan afoot to introduce cheesecakes as well. Bob understands that his brownies aren’t to everyone’s taste; you must be a deeply committed bittersweet aficionado to truly appreciate them. But if that phrase describes you, skip those pantywaist supermarket so-called chocolate bunnies for Easter, and head over to the Bob’s Brownstone Brownies website, at; you can also order by phone at (718) 369-BOBS (2627). Remember these brownies, too, for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation celebrations.

Non-Chocolate Website of the Month: The internet can be a great research tool and increase your productivity. But sometimes you just want something a little less utilitarian. Enter, the site that’s “serious about snacks” with the brilliant slogan “the web just got less useful”. The folks here are snack reviewers and will go long distances to make certain they have left no tortilla chip, pretzel, popcorn, potato chip, or other snack food of that ilk untasted (my favorite category is Things Shaped Like Cheese Puffs That Don’t Actually Have Cheese). Although the site is light-hearted (see the article on the Snacking Tour of the Southwest), these people are not kidding about what they do. I love the fact that this site is both a frittering away of time and a place where you can actually learn something. I saw at least a dozen reviews of snack foods I’d never even heard of before and naturally must now look up all of the products online, thus engendering the squandering of more time as well as genuine knowledge. There’s even a “Jobs” section; as of this writing, the site is looking for a Pretzels Editor and a Cheese Puffs Editor. Whether you’re pretending to be busy at work or just want to read the latest reviews on food you probably shouldn’t even be eating, surf on over to

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