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MARCH 2001

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Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the March, 2001 edition of For Chocolate Lovers Only! Each month, you'll find recipes, tips, and recommendations on chocolate specialties

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month:
You need a little more fun in your life. You want something you can share, something that'll make you smile, but not anything too involved or complicated. And wouldn't it be great if it was chocolate, too? You're in luck! This month's Chocolate Find, Cool Bean Mints, is just what you've been seeking. Fun little mints in a bean shape, these come in handy small tins in three varieties: original mint, with a powerfully peppermint outer shell and chocolate-mint combination inside; dark chocolate mint, with a dark chocolate coating and smooth minty inside; and milk chocolate chai tea caramel--not a mint, to be sure, but a little "bean" of chewy caramel with the subtle flavor of chai, covered in milk chocolate. Cool Bean Mints use only pure peppermint oil (where applicable) and good Guittard chocolate, too.

Where to find them? Online, check out or As of this writing, the mints were not on the site, but the company does sell them; call them at (800) 973-6324. In addition, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters features Cool Bean Mints in their catalog; their phone number is (800) 223-6768. These are great revivers if that meeting is dragging on forever or you're tired of shovelling snow or for those times when you just need a wee chocolate "hit". Check 'em out!

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