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Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the January 2001 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only." Each month, you'll fine recipes, tips and recommendations on chocolate specialties.

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month:
You thought you'd have it easy once the December holidays were over. But your sister's birthday is in two weeks, and Jamie finally got that big promotion, and Valentine's Day is around the corner, so what do you do now? You head to, of course. This company presents offerings from many of the more popular chocolate brands. So, if you're trying to find those Joseph Schmidt truffles or Lindt bars or Perugina "baci" (the hazelnut-and-chocolate "kisses"), look no further. I'm partial to the Angelina Rumpelmayer hot chocolate myself, but chocolate in many different forms graces the pages of this site. even has a Chocolate Concierge Service (under "Gift Baskets"), where they'll help you select chocolates according to your specifications; I know of no other chocolate site that has anything like this. I especially like the organization of this site, as it's fun to shop by country of origin. CEO and President Rob Scott genuinely cares about the products he offers and making his customers happy. You can find in Yahoo's shopping section or at their Internet home (, or you can call them toll free at (877) 452-1141.

Special Chocolate Tours: Throughout the year, inTrend international travel hosts Chocolate Lovers Paradise Tours to Belgium. Each 7-day escorted tour visits Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp. Featured chocolatiers on these tours include Galler, Neuhaus, Hans Burie, Marcolini, and a personal favorite of mine, Manon. The itinerary includes guided walking tours, a boat ride, special meals, a diamond cocktail party, and some personal time too, so you can go exploring on your own. The February tour coincides with the Chocolate Passion Festival in Brussels for Valentine's Day, but there are other tours if you can't make that one. Belgium is justly famous for the quality of their chocolates, and these trips would be wonderful for any chocolate-lover. For more information, see the Web site at, call inTrend international travel toll-free at (888) 634-0484, or fax them at (630) 604-4251.

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