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Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the February, 2001 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only". Each month, you'll find recipes, tips, and recommendations on great chocolate specialties. Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers and any February babies out there!

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month:
This month's chocolate producer does not advertise extensively. Their website is not fancy. They are a small, Denver-based, family operation whose goal is not domination of the world confectionary market, but doing chocolate as they feel it ought to be done. And so it is that I commend unto you Dietrich's Chocolate Truffles. These are one- or two-bite size truffles that can be custom-made in the flavor of your choice, and covered with white, milk, or dark chocolate, according to your preference. Some of the flavors suggested are Grand Marnier, hazelnut, raspberry, champagne, and amaretto, all of which are classic combinations with chocolate, but you can come up with a flavor of your own if you wish.

The website for Dietrich's Chocolate Truffles tells you that your minimum order of either assorted or custom-flavor truffles must be 2 pounds, but the European-trained Dietrich will tell you otherwise if you call him. While 2 pounds of these truffles would probably render you indispensable forever in the eyes of your boss if you show up with them at a business celebration, the company also offers a gold box of 24 assorted truffles (their choice of flavors). My box arrived in perfect condition, and it was fun to see the different truffles packed inside. This would be a great item for a truffle tasting party, though I do wish there was a visual guide to identifying the various flavors. Note that custom flavors require 2 weeks' advance order. You can find Dietrich's Chocolate Truffles online at, or call them at (303) 777-3358. Check them out!

Chocolate Campaign of the Month: I know, you don't want to hear about campaigns ever again, but this is for a truly good cause! Some time ago, in this very column, I praised the considerable merit of smooth, creamy, full-of-the-good-stuff Godiva Ice Cream. I don't usually write up products from large companies, so you know I must really like this. Now, however, I learn that the company has discontinued their Ivory Chocolate Chip flavor, perhaps my favorite of their line. A reader has written to advise me of this; she contacted the company, who told her that they'd consider bringing it back if enough consumers contacted them. Breathes there among us the heretic who doesn't love a good chocolate chip ice cream? Verily, I think not so! Gentle reader, let your conscience be your guide, as always. If you deplore the passing of this lovely ice cream flavor, if you believe in the old slogan "Power to the People!," get thee to Implore, beseech, or berate Godiva into giving us back our beloved Ivory Chocolate Chip! You can make a difference! Thanks to Dana S. for bringing this to my attention.

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