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Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the December, 2001 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only". Each month, you'll find recipes, tips, and recommendations for great chocolate specialties.

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month: Is one-stop shopping really possible? I never thought it was a likely concept before I ran across the Fancy Foods Gourmet Club. Now, don't let the word "club" make you nervous; there's no membership necessary here, nor is there any requirement to order a certain number of times per year. What you will find is a fabulous array of food products of all kinds, conveniently gathered together. Naturally, there are a number of different kinds of chocolates. I am a big fan of Omanhene and Michel Cluizel, and there are some brands I haven't tried (yet). Or you could head over to the Desserts & Pastries section, to try a Skoog Pie (love the name!) or one of Pacific Desserts' or Bittersweet Pastries' offerings. If chocolate just isn't the way to go for someone on your holiday list, look into smoked salmon, caviar, pate, lobster or other seafood, salsas, condiments, or preserves/honies/spreads/maple syrup. See what I mean about one stop?

Something I especially like about Fancy Foods Gourmet Club is the fact that I know and trust a number of the brands on the site. This gives me confidence both in ordering from them and in trying products from brands previously unknown to me. Gift baskets have a category all their own, with multiple price ranges, and the cook's essentials section is geared toward those who'd rather be in the kitchen themselves. If you'd like to order online, you can, but there are other ways to order, too (see the Customer Service page). The easiest way to find Fancy Foods Gourmet Club is at their website (, or you can call customer service for a free catalog at 1-800-576-3548. Almost everyone will be able to find something here that suits their tastebuds, and shopping doesn't get any easier than that!

Do you have a comment, question, or suggestion? I'd like your input into this column. You can reach me at: Thank you!