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Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the December 2000 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only." Each month, you’ll find recipes, tips and recommendations on chocolate specialties. As the year draws to a close, I bid all of my readers Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy Real New Millennium! Special thanks to Patti, Tina, and Jocelyn, without whom you wouldn't be reading this, and as always thanks to my family for their continuing support.

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month:
Traditionally, the holiday season is a time for special decorated cookies. But supposing that you have a family and a job and can't spend the hours necessary to do the decorating you'd like? Do you turn to cookies in the refrigerator case or a market bakery, often loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives? You won't if you know about this month's recommendation, THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE. This company makes gingerbread cookies decorated with chocolate and other goodies, aptly named the "Better-Than-Martha" © Gourmet Cookie Collection. They're beautiful as well as fun; one of my favorites is the "Christmoose" cookie. You can choose from pretty snowflakes, cows, leaves, even yin-yang symbols; there is truly something for almost every taste.

But THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE doesn't stop there. They also make chocolate pops and containers, including chocolate dreidels! Look for the "Bag'O'Moose" ©, a not-too-sweet, ethereally light moose in a chocolate "bag," and the "Better-Than-Sex" © Cake (I'm not making this up). Chocolate edibles for all seasons and holidays are featured, but, to me, these seem especially appropriate now. Many products can be personalized at no extra cost… a nice touch. Please order early, though; everything is handmade and hand-decorated, and their culinary artists do need to sleep and eat occasionally. You can find THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE at:

Non-Chocolate Gift Recommendation of the Month: Chances are that most people reading this are coffee or tea drinkers (or both). If you are fond of "brewing your own" but like to add a special flair to everything you do, you'll be interested in the Cafetino, a brewing system based on principles developed in Europe in the 1840s. This is a syphon, non-filter system perfect for the engineer in you or for those who love functional objects of art. I saw one of these demonstrated at a recent chocolate show, and it was both ingenious and beautiful. The regular Cafetino is made from 18/10 stainless steel, beech wood, and glass; there's also a deluxe system (the Royal) in which the stainless steel is replaced with polished copper. These systems are not cheap, but they are made from good-quality materials and would be an outstanding holiday gift if you're looking for something a bit different. See the Web site,, for more information.

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