MARCH 1999

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate Bread with Chocolate Chunks and Pecans

My Grandmother's Truffles

Sweet Spot


Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the March, 1999 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only". Each month you'll find great recipes, tips, and recommendations on where to find chocolate specialties.

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month: Are your tastes in chocolate adventurous? Are you wearied of the same old flavors in the fillings of your chocolates? If so, allow me to present Bojesen Chocolates, a Danish company I discovered recently. Bojesen Chocolates come in attractive, classy wooden boxes tied up with string and topped with sealing wax imprinted with the company's name. But since what's inside the box is what really counts, open it and you'll find something a little different. What would you say to a chocolate filled with a tea-and-lemon-zest- flavored ganache? How about a marzipan center with grated orange peel and cardamom? Or what about my favorite, a white chocolate cream filling laced with saffron and vanilla? There are a dozen types of unusual and pretty chocolates in my half-kilo "Bojesen Selection" box. Flavors tend toward the subtle, and almost all of the chocolate used is dark. I like the fact that the boxes are dated for freshness, and I really enjoyed some of the inventive combinations in the fillings.

At present, the only way for Americans to order Bojesen Chocolates is via their website, at: The homepage will come up in Danish, but don't panic; just click where indicated to get an English translation of it all. You can click on individual chocolates within the assortments shown to get descriptions of them, which is a nice feature. All the prices I saw were in Danish currency, which is fair enough considering that the company's in Denmark; it just means that you'll have to e-mail the company with the selection you want for pricing and payment details. And if you're looking for something special for Easter, Bojesen Chocolates sells a half-kilo wooden box filled with 12 chocolate-covered marzipan eggs in six different flavors. Check them out!

Chocolate Answer of the Month: Recently, I asked if anyone knew of a cooking school devoted to chocolate. Well, I've been told about the next best thing: a cooking school where at least some of the classes are devoted to chocolate. Peter Kump's New York Cooking School has two locations (both in New York City); they offer a great number of courses, both professional and recreational, dealing with many different aspects of food. They also offer gift certificates, classes for kids, and even culinary tours. Check out their fun website, at:, or call them at (800) 522-4610 or (212) 410-4601. Thanks to my reader Jeff for this information; he tells me he was able to take his interest in chocolate and baking and turn it into a great career.

A Short Course in Locating Good Bar Chocolate: I've gotten so many questions on where to get good couverture chocolate lately that I thought I'd list some of the sources out there.


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