JULY 1999

White Chocolate Bavarian Cream

Sunset Sorbet with White Chocolate Sauce

Darrell's Cafe Arabe (Arabian Coffee)

Mocha Buttermilk Sherbet

Sweet Spot


Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the July, 1999 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only". Each month you'll find great recipes, tips, and recommendations on where to find chocolate specialties. Happy Birthday, America!

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month: There are a lot of companies claiming to be interested in the environment these days, but Stonyfield Farm genuinely cares about the planet. This New Hampshire-based company makes an amazing array of yogurt, including some organic varieties; yogurt sweetened with fruit juice; yogurt especially for kids; nonfat yogurt, and frozen yogurt (they also make organic ice cream). I especially enjoy the Chocolate Underground variety (found in my local dairy case); look for the cow wearing shades on the carton. They also make a great French Vanilla flavor. Both of the above are nonfat yogurts; of the organic types I've tried, I like the Maple Vanilla and Mocha Latte the best, although I understand the Vanilla Truffle is pretty happening, too.

Stonyfield Farm products are distributed nationally, but they are most widely available in natural food and health food stores. Do check out their information-packed website, at: www.stonyfield.com; the Corporate Environmental Goals alone are awe-inspiring. There's also a convenient section that tells you how to find their products in your area. If you prefer, write or phone them: Stonyfield Farm is located at Ten Burton Drive in Londonderry, NH, 03053, and the phone number there is (603) 437-5050. I use this yogurt more than any other in dessert-making, as it has a flavor that is less tart than some other brands and blends well with chocolate.

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