Coconut-Rum Shake

Seven-Layer Icebox Cake

Chocolate-and-Peanut Butter Topping

Toasted Almond Chocolate Ice Cream

Bombe au Chocolat

Sweet Spot


Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the August, 1999 edition of "For Chocolate Lovers Only". Each month you'll find great recipes, tips, and recommendations on where to find chocolate specialties.

Chocolate Recommendation of the Month: What's very cold, very smooth- textured, delicious, and comes in flavors like Dark Vanilla, Raspberry, Dutch Chocolate, and Peach? The answer is this month's Chocolate Recommendation, Sharon's Sorbet. This is a small company based in New York, offering sorbets of excellent quality; their products give you a good "hit" of taste and are not overly-sweet. My favorite thing to do with this sorbet is to have several small scoops, each of a different flavor, in one bowl. The color contrast looks pretty, and since I can never decide on a favorite flavor, in this manner I get several great tastes at once. And this sorbet is more than good enough to be served all by itself.

Sharon's Sorbet is proud of their products, which use no artificial flavorings or colorings, and I like the fact that these sorbets are all-natural. For those who prefer their sorbet in a more portable form, the company offers four flavors in bars, in addition to their pint cartons (I swooned over the Dutch Chocolate bars!). Sharon's Sorbet offers nutritional information on their website, and there's also a listing of places to find their products. You can find Sharon's Sorbet at: You can also write to them at P.O. Box 295, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012. Check them out!

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