Chefs to Know 2nd Edition
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Chefs to Know

a guide to chefs for chefs
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– a guide to chefs for chefs, first edition

August 2007

With favorite restaurants, tools, and contact information from over 500 chefs in America and 80 professional recipes and photos. It’s an essential reference for any chef or culinary insider!

"If you don’t know your Cantu from your Kato, or your Goldsmith from your Goldfarb, a good primer is the new book by online chef-worship magazine StarChefs, Chefs to Know" has come out with its first "Who's Who" guide on chefs and aimed at an audience of chefs. It's called "Chefs to Know." It's got an impressive list of entries--about 500 notable chefs in all--and includes some information that a recent culinary-school graduate would find invaluable, such as contact information, which chefs welcome interns and stages, and what the chefs like to ask of potential employees during interviews.

“The Chefs to Know guide is an invaluable reference for chefs, anyone in the industry, and diners. The chef dining recommendations in ‘Restaurants off the Beaten Path,’ where chefs share their favorite dives and late-night spots, will provide any adventurous eater with dining destinations for at least a year.”
Wylie Dufresne

“ has always produced pioneering innovations that have helped the hospitality industry work more effectively and efficiently. This indispensable guide is just another opportunity to wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?!” I’m confident that a copy of Chefs to Know will end up on the desk of every culinary professional in America.”
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