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May 2003 BOSTON II
B i o g r a p h y
Anthony has been influenced by the cuisines around him since he was a child. Raised in Boston’s historic North End, he spent his afternoons and weekends working in his father’s butcher shop, Abbruzzese Meat Market.


Anthony then worked at Davide and Mamma Maria, where he learned basic kitchen skills and fell in love with cooking.

Anthony’s passion for learning different culinary techniques took him across the Atlantic and then across the United States. In Maine he studied seafood at The Shawmut Inn. From there, he traveled to Sulmona, Italy, the hometown of his family, and took a position at Il Rigoletto Ristorante. Upon his return to Boston, he was offered a job in his old neighborhood at Sage.

Anthony cooked at Sage for two years, and then took a culinary hiatus. He traveled across the country to San Francisco to study the diverse styles and influences of west coast cooking in the Campton Place Hotel and The Grand Café.

Homesick for Boston, Anthony returned to his old neighborhood, this time in a role at Olives. As a protégé of Todd English, he concentrated diligently on his skills. Then he moved on to Restaurant Zinc, cooking classic French seafood dishes.

Four years later, Anthony is now the Executive Chef and owner of Sage. The restaurant has been showered with rave reviews. Boston Magazine called Sage the best new restaurant of 2000. And Gourmet Magazine called it one of America’s top 50 restaurants in 2001. Anthony feels the success of the Italian-themed restaurant is largely due to his travels, and the many styles and cuisines that have influenced his work.