Mixologist-Owner Stefan Trummer
Trummer’s on Main
7134 Main Street
Clifton, VA 20124
(703) 266-1623


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The Reefer
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  • Benjamin Lambert

    The Reefer
    Mixologist-Owner Stefan Trummer of Trummer’s on Main – Clifton, VA
    Adapted by StarChefs.com
    Yield: 1 Cocktail


    2 ounces Ron Zacapa 23-year-old rum
    8 fresh mint leaves
    ¾ ounce honey syrup, 1:1 water to honey
    1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
    ¾ ounce simple syrup
    1 ounce absinthe
    1 bouquet garni of rosemary, sage and thyme
    1 ounce sparkling wine or Champagne

    Combine the rum, mint, honey syrup, lime juice and simple syrup in a shaker. Fill the shaker with lots of ice, and shake the components together until cold. Strain the cocktail into an old fashioned glass filled with ice.

    Pour the absinthe into a separate, heat-proof, non-flammable glass and set light, while holding the bouquet garni over the rum cocktail glass. Pour the lit absinthe slowly over the herbs into cocktail glass, so it is dripping from the herbs into the drink. Occasionally stir the cocktail with the herbs in the glass. Repeat until all the absinthe is in the rum cocktail. Garnish with the leftover bouquet and top off with sparkling wine.