Chef Nobu Yamazaki
Sushi Taro
1503 17th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 462-8999

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Alaskan King  Crab Shabu Shabu
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  • Nobu Yamazaki of Sushi Taro - Washington, DC

  • Nobu Yamazaki

    Alaskan King Crab Shabu Shabu
    Chef Nobu Yamazaki of Sushi Taro – Washington, DC
    Adapted by
    Yield: 1 Serving


    ½ fresh Alaskan king crab leg
    2 ounces enoki mushroom
    2 ounces steamed Napa cabbage
    1 ounce mizuna
    1½ cups dashi stock
    1 ounce sake
    Light soy sauce

    Take the crab meat out of shell and cut in bite-sized pieces. Put the mushrooms, cabbage, mizuna and crab on a plate. Bring the dashi stock to boil in a small pot and add the salt, sake and light soy sauce. Pour into a small serving pot set over a sterno. Put the vegetables and crab in the pot of broth and let them cook for approximately 1 minute.