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Moulard Duck Foie Gras “Neige,” Blackberry, Cashew Purée, Sunchoke Salad, and Housemade Mustard Toast
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  • Chef Scott Nishiyama of Chez TJ

  • Scott Nishiyama

    Rising Star Chef Scott Nishiyama
    Chez TJ | Mountain View, CA

    Moulard Duck Foie Gras “Neige,” Blackberry, Cashew Purée, Sunchoke Salad, and Housemade Mustard Toast
    Adapted by
    June 2010
    Yield: 6 Servings


    Moulard Duck Foie Gras:
    500 grams Grade A foie gras
    1 quart whole milk
    ½ cup Sauternes or similar sweet wine
    7½ grams kosher salt
    1 gram granulated sugar
    2 grams pink salt
    1 gram freshly ground white pepper

    Housemade Mustard Bread:
    290 grams milk
    9 grams active dry yeast
    66 grams unsalted butter
    3 grams vanilla extract
    56 grams Dijon mustard
    78 grams whole grain mustard
    3 eggs
    470 grams all-purpose flour
    350 grams bread flour
    13 grams Coleman’s mustard powder
    5 grams kosher salt
    85 grams granulated sugar

    Blackberry Gelée:
    1 pint fresh blackberries
    1 ounce aged balsamic vinegar
    2 tablespoons granulated sugar
    3 sheets bronze gelatin

    Cashew Purée:
    ½ cup raw cashews
    1 cup milk
    Champagne vinegar

    Sunchoke Salad:
    1 large sunchoke
    1 cup ice water
    1 gram ascorbic acid
    Extra virgin olive oil (a mild, fruity variety)
    Kosher salt

    To Assemble and Serve:
    Fresh blackberries, cut into discs
    Assorted blossoms

    For the Moulard Duck Foie Gras:
    Split the lobe of foie gras and soak in the whole milk, topping off the mixture with a little cool water. When the foie gras is soft, remove from the bath and pat dry. Carefully, devein the lobes, using a butter knife and your fingers. When completely deveined, lay out the foie on a tray and sprinkle with half of the Sauternes. Combine the salt, sugar, pink salt, and white pepper, and sprinkle half of the mixture over the foie. Flip it over and sprinkle with the remaining Sauternes and salt mixture. Place the foie gras on a parchment paper-lined sheet tray and marinate in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

    Meanwhile heat a water bath to 68ºC. When the foie gras has finished marinating, vacuum seal it in cryovac bags, making sure it is in an even layer. Allow the foie to come to room temperature. Place the bags in the heated water bath for 2 minutes.  Remove the bags and shock them in icewater for 1 minute. Empty the foie into a perforated container, then place the foie into a terrine mold, cover with plastic and weigh it down with a moderate weight, such as a quart of milk wrapped in plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.

    The following day, unmold the foie gras terrine and cut into a small block approximately 2 inches by 1 inch by 6 inches. Wrap each piece of foie gras in plastic and then in aluminum foil.  Place in the freezer and allow to freeze completely.

    For the Housemade Mustard Bread:
    Warm 60 grams of the milk, and dissolve the yeast in the warmed milk. Combine the butter and the remaining milk and warm to melt the butter. Add the vanilla and Dijon and mustards to the milk, and reserve. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Slowly whisk them into the milk-mustard mixture, then add the milk-yeast mixture and reserve. Set aside 100 grams of the all-purpose flour, then mix the remainder in a stand mixer with the bread flour, mustard powder, salt, and sugar. Slowly add the milk mixture to the flour mixture with the dough hook attachment until a smooth, elastic dough forms. If it is too wet, add some of the reserved flour to the mixer. This should take approximately 10 minutes of mixing. 

    Place the dough in a greased bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Place in a warm spot for 2½ hours. Open the bowl and punch down the dough. Divide the dough between 2 8-inch loaf tins. Cover each tin with a dry towel and plastic wrap and allow to proof for 1 hour. Meanwhile preheat a convection oven to 325ºF. Once the bread has finished proofing, bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until golden brown on top. Cool on a rack until they reach room temperature, then slice.    

    For the Blackberry Gelée:
    Purée the blackberries in a blender and season with the balsamic vinegar, salt, and sugar.  Depending on the sweetness of the blackberries you may need to add more sugar.  Strain through a fine-mesh sieve. Bloom the gelatin in cold water until soft. Heat a small amount of the purée and dissolve the bloomed gelatin in the hot purée. Add the hot purée to the remaining purée and pass again through a sieve. Pour into a small plastic-lined tray so that the puree is approximately ¼ inch high.  Place the tray in the refrigerator and allow to set completely, approximately 2 hours. When set, remove the gelée from the mold and cut into small cubes.

    For the Cashew Purée:
    Preheat the oven to 350ºF oven. Toast the cashews in the oven until they are golden brown, then place them in a small pot and cover completely with water.  Boil the cashews until they are very tender, then reserve. Reducing the cashew cooking liquid until 3 to 4 tablespoons remain. Add the milk to the reduced cashew liquid and bring to a boil. In a blender combine the cashews and half of the milk and blend until the mixture is smooth. Keep adding milk until the purée is the consistency of peanut butter. Season with the salt, the sugar and the Champagne vinegar. Cool to room temperature.

    For the Sunchoke Salad:
    Gently wash the sunchoke under cold water. Using a mandolin, slice the sunchoke into thin chips. They should be about the thickness of a potato chip. Use a round cookie cutter to cut the sunchokes into circles and place the “chips” ice water.  Dissolve the ascorbic acid in the water and allow the sunchokes to crisp. Before serving, remove the sunchokes and dry them. Dress them with extra virgin olive oil and salt.

    To Assemble and Serve:
    Toast the sliced mustard bread. Spoon some cashew purée onto the serving plates while the bread is toasting. Alongside the cashew, make a line of blackberry discs and blackberry gelée cubes. Top with the sunchoke slices and garnish with the blossoms. Using a microplane, grate some of the frozen foie gras over the top of the plate. Serve with a side of the mustard toast.