Sommelier Jesse Rodriguez

Sommelier Jesse Rodriguez


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Sommelier Jesse Rodriguez
Addison | San Diego, CA

Wine Tips

  1. Work in tandem with your chef. I am very fortunate as William Bradley and I have a great relationship and that speaks volumes when we work together to create a great experience for our guests. Get to know your chef and his/her style, and become a team as opposed to working front-of-the-house vs. back-of-the-house.

  2. When in doubt, always pick wines with bright acidity. If you are asked to pick out one wine and there is an array of different foods for the table, try to defer to wines such as Champagne, Austrian Grüner-Veltliner, German Trocken Rieslings, white Burgundy or red Burgundy.  These wines will save you and make you look like a superstar!

  3. Give decanted demi-sec Champagne a chance for soft cheeses. This is always a nice standby for us here at Addison. By decanting the demi-sec and pouring it into a burgundy glass, you blow off some of the CO2 and allow the wine to showcase its fruit while maintaining a touch of effervescence. After your rich main course, this glass will taste ohh-so-refreshing!

  4. Give your guests a tour around the world. When we do wine pairings at Addison and The Grand Del Mar, we never repeat the same grape or country. You owe it to your guest to be creative but not über-quirky, where they say, “What was that?” Showcase different styles; visit the classical regions and/or classical grapes grown in other areas of the world. Remember, you are not trying to impress yourself, you are providing an experience for your guests and their hard-earned money.

  5. Always help those who are truly willing to learn. I will always remember the words of the wise and mighty Master Sommelier Greg Tresner, who took me under his wing when I decided to join the wine industry back in Arizona. His words to me were: “Now that I have helped you, now you have to help those that ask for your help.” We were not born with wine wisdom, we all have to study and we have all asked for help. So don’t hoard your knowledge.









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   Published: March 2010