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Justin Beam
W Hotel 2440 Victory Park Lane,
suite 100
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 397-4111

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Grey Goose

Chef Justin Beam
Craft | Dallas

From bussing tables at fifteen to training with Dale DeGroff, Justin Beam worked his way up before building the cocktail program at Craft and The Living Room in the W Hotel Dallas. Justin’s style is sophisticated and playful, with drinks that tell their own imaginative story with fresh ingredients and attention to detail. His Grassy Knoll, a balanced mix of tart house-made lemonade, Pimm’s Cup and grassy vodka, evokes an afternoon on the cricket lawn on a summery afternoon. In The Waterloo, Justin uses fresh key lime and blood orange juice to layer the flavor of tequila and sweetens it with agave nectar to create what he affectionately nicknames Napolean’s Margarita. The drink is chilled by one enormous ice cube, rather than a multitude of small ones (which means no immediate watering down), and seasoned with a smoky, salty rim of volcanic salt and agave.

Grey Goose Le Citron Limoncello Frappe
Mixologist Justin Beam of Craft – Dallas, TX
Adapted by StarChefs.com

Yield: 1 Drink


    House-made Grey Goose Le Citron Limoncello:
  • 12 Meyer lemons, juiced and pitted
  • 1 ½ cup superfine sugar
  • 1 liter Grey Goose Le Citron

    To Assemble and Serve:
  • 3 ounces homemade Limoncello
  • 4 ounces seasonal fruit, such as blackberries, raspberries, or Bing cherries
  • 4 ounces ice cubes
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 Vita-Prep blender


For the House-made Grey Goose Le Citron Limoncello:
Cut each half Meyer lemon rind into half and muddle with the superfine sugar. Add the Grey Goose Le Citron and mix well, releasing the essential oils. Cover the mixture and allow it to sit for a minimum of 7 days and up to 3 months, mixing daily. The day before mixing the drinks, pass through a chinois and store in the freezer overnight.

To Assemble and Serve:
Pour the Limoncello, seasonal fruit, ice, and simple syrup into a Vita-Prep and pulse until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and serve immediately.

Sparkling Py'rus
Mixologist Justin Beam of Craft – Dallas, TX
Adapted by StarChefs.com

Serving: 1 Drink


  • 1 ounce Grey Goose La Poire
  • ½ ounce fresh Meyer lemon juice
  • ½ ounce Asian pear syrup
  • Pinch Asian pear, ¼-inch dice
  • Pinch crystallized ginger
  • 2 Turbinado sugar cubes
  • Splash Moscato d’Asti
  • Spearmint, to garnish
  • Crystallized ginger, to garnish


Place the Grey Goose, lemon juice, pear syrup, pears, crystallized ginger and sugar in a Boston Shaker and muddle until well combined. Roll the mixture back and forth to insure proper infusion, then pour half of the contents into a stemless flute. Top the mixture with Moscato, then finish with the remaining pear mixture. Garnish with spearmint and crystallized ginger.


   Published: April 2007