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Tom Wellings
Maestro | Washington DC

Tom Wellings grew up in Chicago and lived a Bohemian lifestyle of painting and working in cafes before realizing that his calling was in the back of house. After a degree in Culinary Arts from the New England Culinary Institute, Wellings staged with Rob Evans of Hugo’s in Portland, Maine who inspired him to attend The French Culinary Institute. Under Jacques Torres, Wellings studied the arts of pastry, sugar and chocolate and staged with Pastry Chef Patrick Coston, formerly of ILO, at the Bryant Park Hotel. Coston helped Wellings score a four-month stage under Sam Mason at wd-50 after which Wellings moved to the pastry kitchen of The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, in Virginia. Two years into his work with The Ritz-Carlton, Wellings took the Head Pastry Chef position at Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, but was quickly lured back to Tysons Corner by the opportunity to take the Pastry Chef position under Fabio Trabocchi at Maestro. At Maestro, Wellings revises classic Italian and European desserts with the progressive techniques and philosophy imparted to him by his private studies and mentors.


Pastry Chef Tom Wellings of Maestro – Washington, D.C.
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Yield: 6 Portions


    Sorbet Syrup:
  • 3 liters water
  • 700 grams sugar
  • 600 grams glucose
  • 100 grams trimoline
  • 30 grams sorbet stabilizer

    Mascarpone Sorbet:
  • 400 grams sorbet syrup
  • 500 grams mascarpone cheese

    Coffee Soil:
  • 500 grams sugar
  • 200 grams cocoa powder
  • 170 grams coffee grounds
  • 30 grams Maldon salt
  • 350 grams butter

    Amaretto Jelly:
  • 3 grams gellan gum
  • 150 grams water
  • 300 grams Amaretto
  • 200 grams sugar

    Espresso Sauce:
  • 500 grams espresso
  • 400 grams sugar
  • 100 grams Kahlua
  • 2 grams agar-agar

    Cocoa Tuile:
  • 100 grams flour
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 100 grams egg whites
  • 100 grams cocoa powder
  • 100 grams butter

For the Sorbet Syrup:
Bring all the ingredients to a boil then strain and chill.

For the Mascarpone Sorbet:
Combine the sorbet syrup and mascarpone and blend with an immersion blender. Spin in an ice cream machine and reserve in freezer for later use.

For the Coffee Soil:
Preheat over to 200ºF. Combine the sugar, cocoa powder, coffee grounds and salt then slowly add the butter and incorporate. Spread the mixture onto a sheet pan and bake for 1 ½ hours. Process in a high-speed blender until very fine.

For the Amaretto Jelly:
Hydrate the gellan gum in the water. In a small pan heat the amaretto and sugar. Combine both mixtures and cool. Pour into a half sheet pan and allow to set. Cut into cubes and reserve.

For the Espresso Sauce:
Bring the espresso, sugar and Kahlua to a simmer then add the agar-agar and boil for 2 minutes. Once set, puree in a blender.

For the Cocoa Tuile:
Preheat over to 350ºF. Combine the flour, sugar, egg whites, cocoa powder and butter in a mixer and allow to rest for 1 day. Return to room temperature and spread onto a Silpat. Bake for 3 to 5 minutes. Cool and break into large shards.

To Assemble and Serve:
Place a small amount of espresso sauce in a bowl. Top with the coffee soil and a quenelle of mascarpone sorbet. Garnish with the amaretto jelly and a cocoa tuile.

   Published: October 2006