Wayne Nish's
Simple Menus for the Bento Box:
Seasonal American Meals and Japanese Presentations Recipes

Hardcover - pages (August 1998)
William Morrow & Company; ISBN: 0688142044 ;
Dimensions (in inches):0.74x8.31

The black lacquered shokado bento box, covered with a lid and separated into four square compartments, is a common sight at dinner and party tables in Japan. It's also appearing with increasing frequency in American kitchens as an artful way to present everyday food. Acclaimed New York City chefs Wayne Nish and Ellen Greaves have created twelve seasonal menus for the shokado bento box, making this a cookbook like no other.

Unexpected combinations of colors. flavors, and textures abound: Seared Salmon on Napa Cabbage shares a box with Quinoa with Black Mushrooms, Spice-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Apple and Kohlrabi, and Mesclun Salad in a spring bento of delicious subtlety.

Anyone can prepare and enjoy these simple recipes; the key is to "pay attention to the food," as Wayne and Ellen advise.

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