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  Tetsuya Wakuda:
Ambassador of the East
By Kelly Snowden

Tetsuya Wakuda may be Australia’s most recognized chef, but you can’t taste his food without acknowledging his ties to his home country, Japan. Tetsuya embraces and adapts many of the elements of the finest type of Japanese dining, kaiseki, which has roots in Zen Buddhism and the Japanese tea ceremony. Kaiseki meals were developed to welcome guests with a series of exquisitely presented courses based on the freshest seasonal ingredients. Tetsuya takes many of these principles to heart, offering tasting menus with numerous courses highlighting local Australian ingredients, courses highlighting local Australian ingredients, such as grass-fed lamb and seafood delicacies like abalone and prawn, perfectly presented in artful small plates.


Minimalism is another hallmark of Tetsuya’s. He makes simplicity seem like abundance, with harmonious displays inspired by the passing seasons. He prepares produce to best enhance its original flavor and keeps competing elements in courses to a minimum. Although he only uses dairy product in dessert courses, Western ingredients and flavor combinations are expertly adapted into all aspects of his cooking; He learned French culinary techniques while working at Kinsela's for Sydney Chef Tony Bilson. While some may refer to it as fusion, Tetsuya would never call it that. Instead he builds a bridge between East and West, serving as Australia's perfect culinary ambassador.

+ Quail Eggs with Sea Urchin and Truffle
+ Marinated Prawns with Papaya and Cucumber
+ Salad of Sea Scallops with Asparagus and Beans
+ Granny Smith Apple Sorbet with Sauternes Jelly


   Published: May 2006