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Mario Batali


Chef Molto Mario — we can't get enough from this talent.


From Babbo to Esca to Lupa the curtain draws open to reveal a magician, a kitchen, his stage, a man with skills rarely tasted in the New World or the old. He wields a whisk rather than a wand, prefers radicchio to rabbits, cuts of meat vesus cards of deceit - yet still sports a quirky chapeau! Who is this conjurer of culinary concoctions? Why Mario Batali - New York's own master chef, entrepreneur, author, and TV icon. Hooking audiences with opening productions like 'Babbo', 'Lupa', 'Esca', Super Mario has continued to awe and amaze with follow-up acts like tasty new venues, best selling books, and top-rated TV shows. What can't our culinary magician accomplish? Let him keep it coming!