Dan Barber

By Tejal Rao
September 2007

In Westchester Country, livestock manager Craig Haney is breeding the fat back into pigs, four season grower Jack Algiere is resurrecting the dark, gnarled granddaddy of modern broccoli, and financial director David Barber is ensuring that now, three years since David Rockefeller provided the initial 30 million dollar investment, The Stone Barns Center can be both environmentally and economically sustainable.

• Pickled Fennel
• Rhubarb Preserves
• Grilled Watermelon
• Bowl of Tomatoes
• Raspberry Soufflé

While creative director and chef, Dan Barber, insists that the restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, “is only one part” of the farm-restaurant-educational matrix at work, the entire team’s philosophy manifests itself there. Just as Haney uses a sonogram to check the fatty deposits on the pigs body when deciding which sow and boar to breed, and Algiere tunes the high-tech greenhouse to grow vegetables that require the least amount of fossil fuel for the season, Barber’s kitchen reaches for technology, when appropriate, to create his hyper-seasonal dishes. Each one integrates the team’s driving idea: rewriting the history of a cook’s ingredients (how can we better the way they’re planted, grown, harvested, and cooked?) by looking back to what Barber calls “old world wisdom” and forward to new world technology.