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Posted by Torres Maxi on July 19, 2000 at 23:05:13:

In Reply to: Re: RE: Sun Dried Tomatoes posted by Sadiqa on August 21, 1999 at 10:18:00:

: I use a technique for making sun-dried tomatoes from the wonderful food
: preserving guide Stocking Up III (Rodale Press, 1986).

: Start with plum (Roma) tomatoes from your garden or farmer's market. They
: are the meatiest of tomatoes and carry less water. Cut them in half
: lengthwise, and carefully place the halves skin side down on a framed nylon
: or plastic screen. Be careful to preserve the liquid from inside the
: tomato -- the drying process will concentrate powerful flavor in the juice.

: Put a cheesecloth cover over the screen to protect the tomatoes from dirt
: and insects. Raise the cheesecloth off the tomatoes slightly with bamboo
: skewers. Then place the screen outside in the sun. Count on a few days of
: drying and be sure to bring the tomato screens indoors overnight, once the
: sun goes down.

: Alternatively, you can dry plum tomato halves in an electric food dryer set
: at 120 degrees F for 24 hours. Drying tomatoes in a conventional oven is
: trickier. You must maintain a low heat of 120 degrees F consistently for 24
: hours. This is quite difficult, and I do not recommend it.

: Store sun-dried tomatoes dry, in sterilized glass jars with tight fitting
: lids. Do not store them in olive oil.

: When you want to use the dried tomatoes, pour a mixture of equal parts of
: vinegar and boiling water over them. Then let them sit for five minutes, or
: until they soften to a chewy consistency. Drain and cover with olive oil,
: seasoned with a few slivers of garlic clove. Let them marinate 24 hours in
: the refrigerator before sampling. You can store them in this oil,
: refrigerated, for two to three weeks. Use these dried tomatoes with pasta,
: soups, salads and antipastos.

: I found this information at

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