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Posted by sue on April 08, 2000 at 09:26:20:

I am in the midst of raising my family(3 girls 6,9,&11)
and with home schooling and a husband who supervises
2 different shifts at work and goes to school I am always scrmbling to
have the main meal ready for him as well as the rest of us!
I must confess that there are many days that I put ground turkey and chopped onions
in my pan and don't know what is for dinner til I have cooked this (usually with 20 minutes until
dinner MUST be on the table!!!) So having all the basics on hand is very important!
I keep a good supply of canned tomatoes, a good stock supply, lots of the spices we use, ,pasta, rice,
and salad fixings on hand. ANd of course the cookbook collection which is neccesarily ecclectic.
And I must confess I read as exthuastically as a good novel. Sauce recipes are the mysterys,
bread the family classics, Eastern cuisine is the spiritual aspect of my reading, and European is the how to of my
When I finally do have that occasional saturday to play in the kitchen, I
usually work on my bread repetoire, and things I can make to use later in the week like finding the best recipe for onion marmalade,
or a filling for a sandwich , etc. as well as pots of simmering stuff. :)

I love all the great stuff out on the market today and am looking forward to the empty nest thing to really turn my hand to cooking!

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