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Posted by Dan Slosek on February 08, 19100 at 09:13:20:

In Reply to: Pearl Tapioca posted by Charlene on March 22, 1999 at 20:55:02:

: Help! I would love to make Jimmy Sneed's Old Fashioned Pearl Tapioca Pudding recipe but I have been unable to find pearl tapioca. Where can it be found?

Charlene: Do you find it interesting that several of your responses were from men.... with fewer from women? Do you know why?

It's because we guys know that tapioca is an aphrodisiac!!!!!! No woman can consume tapioca without becoming uncontrollably amorous!!!

NOW, I'm not sure if you have a husband, boyfriend or "significant other" for whom you were preparing your tapioca... or with whom you were going to share it. BUT, please be aware that the effect GOES BOTH WAYS!!!!! (Tho' it's greater in women due to the pudding's interaction with estrogen.... which (interaction) is somewhat less intense in the presence of testosterone.

Hope this helps,

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