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Posted by Warren Paul on October 29, 2000 at 20:16:41:

In Reply to: Emeril's in Las Vegas posted by Katie Funkey on September 05, 2000 at 12:54:20:

I suggest that you talk to the manager of the reastuarant, and even send Emeril an Email.

keep in mind that the best restaurants in the world, only have a few choice things on the menu, and the menu changes on a regular basis.

Was ther service (other then the matrade) excellent? Was the food fresh? How was the presentation?

And finally, whenever you are unhappy with the service/food at ANY restaurant, be sure to make some sort of statement to the owner, or the very least the manager.


: I just got back from Las Vegas yesterday and there is only one thing that I regret. . .and that is eating at Emeril's restaurant. From what I knew of Emeril before I left for Vegas, I thought that dining there would be a fun and esquisite experience. I was very disappointed at the stuffy atmosphere and over priced menu. I can't believe that the man that encourages fun and easiness in the kitchen would put his name on a restaraunt where the waiters get the look of death for dropping a fork. My friend and I are very young and probably don't look like big diners, but we ordered a full bill of food and were treated terribly. I could barely relax enough to enjoy my food because the matrade was so rude with his staring at our table in total disapproval that we were there. In my opinion, the Smith and Wolensky down the street on Las Vegas Blvd was 20 times better. The waiter was enchanting and my friends paid $20 less for a lobster twice as big as the one I ordered at Emeril's.

: As far as the cuisine, it was only fair. My mother is from New Orleans and not only have I been there many times, but I have also grown up on New Orleans traditions. The menu was very limited and didn't even feature some of the great dishes of New Orleans. My money would have been better spent in the slot machines. Which I would usually never say. I love to dine out and am usually not this hard on restaurants, but this was rediculous and I will never recommend eating here to anyone.

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