genetically engineered foods

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Posted by Rhio's Raw Energy on February 15, 19100 at 11:05:50:

Not all modern technologies are worthy of being allowed to proceed, and genetically altered foods are a prime example. If the American public knew the real implications of the contamination of their foods with GMO's, they would be against it. Industry and government have formed an alliance to foist this technology on uninformed consumers. The American media has reported very little about this technology and what does get through is usually in some form made to appear positive. We need some real information and we
definitely need to have every product that contains
GMO's to be clearly labeled so that the public can then
decide whether they accept or not. Japan's Agricultural Minister recently said that Japan would implement mandatory labeling for food containing GMO's.
All of Europe is moving in this same direction.

A respected scientist in Europe, Dr. Arpad Pustzai, working at the Rowett Research Institute has revealed that animals fed GMO potatoes for only 10 days exhibited reduced organ and brain weights and
thickened stomach walls. Multinational Corporations that favor this technology were not pleased. They condemned and suppresed the research, and Dr. Pustzai was forced to retire. Later the Rowett Research Institute received a grant of $230,000 from GMO sellers. As reported in Acres, USA, "The crude treatment of the researcher {Dr. Pustzai} gave fellow scientists a wake-up call. It was pressure from around the world that prompted reinstatement for the researcher."

We need to have non-industry based, independent, research done on GMO's and their effects on human health and the environment. We need a media more open to presenting this research as it becomes available. We need a moratorium on genetically engineered foods until the results of independent research are evaluated.

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