Re: Geneticly altered foods

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Posted by Benjamin Matson on August 02, 2000 at 10:52:03:

In Reply to: Geneticly altered foods posted by Don Dube on July 09, 2000 at 15:35:01:

Maybe you should work on tone? ;o)
A lot of what you said is correct, two hours at the Imax and a subscription to Discovery magazine equates as PhDs in genetics and biochemistry.
Currently I have neither. What you said about invalid arguments, I don't know, that could swing either way. I never thought I'd say this, but I think it's good that our
society has become so litigation happy, because now all new products are very thoroughly tested. I don't see what was supposed to be scary about
the killer soybean story (see the other reply) because they found it in the testing. Oh, but what if they hadn't? Then all of the brazil nut
sufferers would have had to go and get a shot after they ate a soyburger. Two very obvious replies to that. One, eat beef. :o) Two, EVERYONE I know
with identified allergies are very aware of them symptoms of allergic reactions and what they need to do when they have them. Yes, it is possible
to die faster than they can get you to the hospital, but it is just as likely that you will have a reaction to your favorite food because you
developed antibodies against it the last time you ate it. Ok, I know that was a lot for not much. And as far as deep and widespread effects on
the environment, I really doubt that GE foods could make any bigger impact than we already have. Ecologically, what is the difference between
growing grains that crickets won't eat versus spraying the crops with insecticides? You are still removing the crickets from the food chain,
but you are no longer spraying toxins all over the countryside and contaminating the water supply for generations. Hmmm, which sounds better?
Poisoning your neighbors kids or being reasonable? The *vast* majority of people opposed to GE foods are uneducated, hyper-fantacially-religous,
just didn't think it through or some combination of the lot.

Oh, yeah, I recommend that everyone go research "terminator seeds" (again, see the other reply). If you're not thrilled, which you should be, then
keep looking because you haven't made it past the hype, and then *think* about it, not enough people do.

Benjamin Matson

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