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Posted by renaissance girl on May 10, 2000 at 11:14:07:

I just finished a month of research on this topic for a newspaper story and the upshot is this: Too much is happening too fast, and no one knows the long-term effects. In true corporate style, biotech firms are plunging ahead with the sole aim of profit and a competitive edge. They figure they'll deal with the consequences later. In messing with genomes we're tampering with the very foundations of life--God's work, in essence. In my opinion it's not only unwise, we may be committing a grave error in judgment.
I would advise everyone to become educated about "terminator" seeds, which have been altered to prevent germination after the first harvest. This forces farmers to buy new seeds each year. We are progressing toward a world in which an unknown portion of the food supply will someday be PATENTED by multi-national corporations. If you're not already scared, you should be.

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