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Posted by vanessa on April 13, 2000 at 14:04:37:

I have some pretty strong opinions about genetically
modified organisms or (GMOs). Plants and animals which
have had DNA taken from another plant, animal, or
bacteria added to their own DNA to alter it in a variety
of ways. These products are marketed by giant
corporations like Monsanto who have everything to gain
by having a world dependant on GM seeds (which have
patents and must be purchased every year by a farmer
because the seeds from these plants do not regenerate).
These plants can cross pollinate with similar species
and contaminate the crops of farmers who have not chosen
to use GM seeds. They can also cross polinate with
undesireable species and give them the same pesticide
resistance increasing the potential for "superweeds" to
evolve with built-in resistance to control and guess
who sells the chemical pesticides to control the new
superweeds and pests?
These products have not been thoroughly tested for
human allergic interaction or environmental safety.
The pollen from these crops with pesticide resistance
kills insects that don't affect crop yields (such as
monarch butterflies), and probably the most annoying
thing about the controversy is that here in the United
States I don't have a choice at the supermarket. There
are no labeling laws in affect to tell me that the bag
of corn chips I just bought wasn't a consumer vote for
GM products. Who do I vote for to change that? I know
there are alternatives.

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