GMO Conference at NYU 3-4-00

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Posted by lisa reed on March 05, 19100 at 08:58:32:

I went to the conference with an open mind, wanting to
hear the scientific support for GMO's. What I came away
with was an impression that "science" as represented at the conference was really the PR team for the chemical
industry patent holders. And that if are left unchecked,the 5000 year history of sustainable, organic agriculture would be eliminated by this group bent on monopololizing the world's food supply who are experimenting without regard to the consequences for life on earth.

It was particularly disturbing to witness Dr. Lee Compton, pres. and CEO of AgriVinon, Ms. Demetra Vlachos of Novartis Seeds, pander to Jeanette Glover Glew of the FDA and their obvious disdain for Jean Halloran, Director of the Comsumer Policy Institute for the Comsumer Union (publisher of Consumer's Union) in the panel "Consumer Issues Surrounding the Development and Marketing of Genetically Modified Foods".

Then Ms. Vlachos moved to the microphones set up for questions from the public to express her views about the problem of unwholesomeness of organically grown food in a self serving attempt to deflect attention to the overriding concern of the public about the long term
effects on the environment of GMO's and under-researched health questions for the public.

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