Bell Peppers - cleaning the seeds out fast

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Posted by Anthony Bishop on April 03, 1999 at 15:37:01:

Hold the pepper with both hands under running water with the stem-side up. Place both thumbs on top of the pepper, each thumb on either side of the stem, and then push down firmly and swiftly. The top breaks free from the body of the pepper so close and cleanly around the stem that you end up with a lot more usable pepper than if you were to cut the top off with a knife. But, THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS! Just grab the stem and pull it out of the body of the pepper and you will see that the bulb of seeds comes out along with it leaving only very few seeds clinging to the inside wall of the pepper. Swoosh some water around the inside and pour it out and now you have a clean and seeded pepper to cut any which way you please.

It is so fast and economical, I am puzzled why I have yet to see this way of cleaning bell peppers on any t.v. cooking shows while we get to see dozens of ways to peel garlic.

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