Re: Tips for storing fruit and vegies on board a boat

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Posted by Alex Forsythe on June 23, 2000 at 14:27:52:

In Reply to: Tips for storing fruit and vegies on board a boat posted by Kate Mills on January 16, 19100 at 06:55:08:

Dear Kate
June 24,200

I work as a free lance chef on M/Y! The possiblities are endless. But these few come
to mind! good luck let me know your results.
and hints

1) to preserve Green such as romain and red leaf.
take 2 unbroken paper towls and Damp them every morning after breakfast. Wrap these aroung the heads and store upright in firge. Thees towls will gernerly last two to three days.

2) Old sea man trick Cover Eggs in Petrolem(sP)
jelly and turn eggs on end. Will last for months
I don't know abought that one..

3) Preserved lemons are great
8 lemons Cut in quartes but not all the way through Form: a salt water brine of 2:1
in kasered mason jar and top up salt water after 24 hours wait 2 weeks! Remove from jar and scrape meat and pith, use skin with lots of items great on fish and or in relish..

Look forward on hearing where you are!

Form Antiquia


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