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Posted by shelagh connolly on January 02, 2001 at 21:13:43:

In Reply to: Re: ability and no degree posted by matt on November 09, 2000 at 00:40:51:

: i am a culinary student in new orleans. i've been cooking for about 5 years before i went to school. i agree that experience is much more important in this field than classroom training. more can be learned from working under good chefs than from any textbook. but, i have also 'unlearned' a lot of bad habits in culinary school that i learned in the field.
: having two degrees yourself, you should realize the importance of formal training. it is a growing trend in the culinary field and i think it will only get harder to get a cooking job without that AA.
I have 21 years cooking experience and no degree. what got me to the point of successful restaurant ownership was hard work. Common sense. putting up with huge egos of chef's and co workers alike. I kept my head down. I read books. I showed up for work on time physically and mentally prepared for my days work and I HAD FUN. Without love and passion for ones work one will simply lose all energy and drive. Yes, there were terrible days and still are. When I first started managing I better understood my superiors point s of view and had more empathy for their frustrations. As an owner of a cafe I REALLY understand my former superiors preference for the formally trained. However, if one has the right skill set and a respect for the old school of kitchen conduct
and respect for our trade, one should be able to go to the top. It is none of my business if the guest thinks I am a stupid cook. I respect and love my trade. It is my art.

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