Do Hepatitis C Infected People Belong in the Food Preparation Business??

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Posted by CoonAss Chef on December 26, 2000 at 16:04:14:

Having recently moved to the Midwest, I was quite surprised with the strict health department. Never before had I heard of being 'gigged' for having bread on display in a European Bakery. Knowing this, I felt that the health dept. would see a life threating disease as a hazard to the general public & co-workers. Apparently not. Granted, when Universal Health Precautions are used the risk is very minimal. My fellow worker who has known for over 6 months that he has this almost always fatal disease DOES NOT use these precautions. He has not been vaccinated for Hepatitis A which is Food Borne, does NOT wear gloves or wash his hands on a regular basis. In fact, in 3 months of my tenure at this restaurant I have not seen him wash his hands EVER! Yet I have seen him cut his finger & his palm which were not tiny paper cuts.
My PASSION has always been Creating new & unusual tasting dishes. My degree in Nursing & in Culinary Arts have given me a very deep awareness of the potential risks involved in the preparation of food whether in a restaurant or a private home. I spoke to management about my concerns & 'GEE REN, WUNDER WHAT HAPPENED???' The schedule for the following week was posted & I had No Hours. HMMMM
I don't feel my concerns are unwarrented. I wish no harm to my co-worker nor do I think he should be fired for being an unfortunate victim of such a hideous disease. Yet I feel people with communicable diseases need to practice safe work habits as we all should.
I'd like to hear the thoughts & opinions of others in the Food Industry.

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