Re: A List of things we hate about some customers!

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Posted by Rebecca on October 19, 2000 at 23:32:02:

In Reply to: Re: A List of things we hate about some customers! posted by Michael on September 03, 2000 at 12:43:30:

yeah well does the author of this know that even with proper service some people still dont tip correctly and that the list had nothing to do with bad service but things that just get on our nerves...

i have one to add to the list too...
Our menu has descriptions of the items and no two items are even near alike.. but they still have to read you the entire thing..
finely sliced apples with cinnamon sugar wrapped in a light pastry shell served warmed with vanilla cream sauce and ice cream..

so when they order they do.. i want the applestrudel you know.. the one with vanilla sauce and ice cream...???

of course i know!>?!!? i work here!!!! how could i possibly not know what the thing is????
why cant people just say applestrudel.. why do they have to waste my time when i could have gotten the darn thing already and they could be eating it>? LOL
or better yet when you are extremely busy and customers know it.. you've been trying to get to a newly sat table for the last 10 minutes but food keeps coming up or more people come in or something and you finally get there and they insist you wait there while they figure out what they want to order and ask you 501 questions...
i think people could be a bit more considerate... pay attention to your surroundings.. if your server is really busy. be ready or ask them to come back in a bit that you need more time...

ok all done..


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