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Posted by chefadam on July 12, 2000 at 13:35:35:

In Reply to: THERE IS NO CRYING IN COOKING posted by cheftoad on January 11, 19100 at 16:14:17:

: It is my belief that if one is angered, saddened or upset by the act of cooking a meal for others, one should find a real job. I cook because I like to cook, no one is making you work in a kitchen...try telemarketing or something. let those of us who like our jobs do it happily and without having to lsten to how you wasted so much time going to J&W or CIA and now have to put up with THIS BULLSHIT. You work in a service industry - you SERVE others for a living - You are a paid SERVANT - deal with it. if you can't stand the heat... P.S. don't cook mad With love,

this is true but you have to look at it in another light too. what if the only job skills you possessed were learned from the culinary field. in most cases you go with what you know, and you educate your self in spare time, or be brave and try another career(with little or no experience)
I myself being a Sullivan college grad. w/as degree in culinary know what it's like.
i worked at a upper class rest. but i didn't care for their prep. methods, presentation or atomsphere. so i left. currently i am employed by aramark - correctional division. i am a foodservice supervisor, lot less stressful.

again, don't write articles when full of rage. you might be able to broadcast your views a little better.

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