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Posted by Former Server on May 13, 2000 at 13:40:13:

I enjoy going out to restaurants now that I don't wait on tables. It is interesting to be on the other side of the table. The one change that I have made since I have moved on to another career is that I don't pretend like I have all the money in the world. My friends (all servers) and I used to go out and would not be "cheap". Almost everytime, the server that waited on us would get at least a 40% tip. (God help the crappy server though!)
Now, if I go out I am reasonable. I understand that serving is a very difficult job, but it doesn't require extensive training (except for fine dining) and therefore, if 15% is a $2 tip, and server was satisfactory, then I will leave $2. Think about it, a server earns in correlation to the type of restaraunt they work in. I have two degrees and am going for a graduate degree, so I don't feel like I owe the server a large portion of my spending money. The main reason I am posting this is because the past several times I have gone out, the servers have made it very apparent that they feel that my party and I are cheap. BAD IDEA! I went to a fondue place w/parents. We chose to share a dish for 2 people, because from past experience I knew that the entrees were plenty for three people. Why should a guest spend $150 for a leisurely night out, and end up with way too much food?! The server was OBVIOUSLY disappointed.
My point, as long and drawn out as this has been, is be very careful how you distinguish "cheap" and reasonable. A reasonable guest will tip you more if you are a good server, regardless of what they ordered.

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