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Posted by James on November 16, 1999 at 21:05:07:

In Reply to: A List of things we hate about some customers! posted by Donna on September 25, 1999 at 17:44:55:

: 1.Customers who want to come in before opening time.
: 2.Customers who stick around way past closing time.
: 3.Customers who KISS UP to the owner to get FREEBIES or THE LUNCH SPECIAL after the lunch special time is over.
: 4.Customers who ignore you when you come around to check on them.
: 5.CHEAP CUTOMERS!!!! Restaurants generally pay servers 1/2 minimum wage & tips are suppose to make up for the rest. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TIP, GET IT "to go" OR STAY HOME!
: 6.Letting the little kids run around the restaurant!
: 7.Customers who want to use the business phone for a QUICK CALL & end up tying up the line while we're waiting to run a credit card!
: 8.RESERVATIONS: The idiots who don't bother showing up and/or call to cancel. They show up with extra people OR several less than the reservations were for!
: 9.Large groups showing up without a reservation and expect a table ready for them.
: 10.Customers who show up 10-20 mins before closing time and want to be seated anyway.
: 11.CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO TAKE THEIR GOOD OLD TIME ORDERING & expect you to be there when it's conveinent for them. Be their personal servant.
: 12.VERY VERY Picky eaters.
: 13.People with NO patience. They expect the food to come out in 5 mins..
: 14.People who blame the server for the faults of the chefs, by way of NO TIP or a lousy one!
: 15.Those damn cell phones. Need I elaborate.
: 16.People who call in "togo orders", don't know what they want & keep you waiting there while your next table has walked in and are waiting for you to assist them! IDIOTS!
: 17.Separate tickets! God forbid they pay a nickel more than they themselves spent!
: 18.Customers in a HURRY yet they sit there forever!
: 19.CUSTOMERS who "seat themselves" at dirty tables, particularly ones with TIPS on them. Chances are, if tables are dirty it's because nobody is able to get to them at that moment. NOT all restaurants have busboys!!!
: 20.Customers who complain about the prices like it's the servers fault!

: I'm sure there are some other things too that I'm leaving out. In spite of these IDIOTS, there are lots of people who are pleasant and friendly and worth serving again and again. Thank God for them! The others need to stay home!

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