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Posted by Donna on September 22, 1999 at 22:08:51:

In Reply to: RE: LEAVE!!! posted by Posted by: jane on Fri Jul 18 16:54:15 1997 :

Amen..Jane! Aren't these just the most obnoxious people! Hello the chairs are UP on the TABLETOPS, of course that means we are open and READY for business....even just for coffee! What dumb asses!!!

Lingering customers who hang out when the chairs are up, lights andmusic are all turned off drive me insane. So do customers who waltz intoa restaurant in the morning when chairs are still up and ask if therestaurant is open. When you say no I` had people ask, " even forcoffee?" It` like people think restaurants are magic and that becausethey` paid for a meal they can sit as long as they like. Would they askthe bank to open early-" jfor just a quick deposit?"Customers do not understand that a restaurant is a business and that wehave opening and closing times like any other. Our hours are clearlyposted and I now have no qualms about asking people to leave once we areclosed. Jane

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