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Posted by Donna on September 22, 1999 at 22:05:42:

In Reply to: Customers who bug me... posted by Posted by: Paul Silva on Sat Jul 5 01:59:21 1997 :

:Amen! There are two major problems I have with certain customers:1) The type who eschews the carefully crafted menu and decides to orderwhatever it is their little heart desires, not thinking whether thehouse has the ingredients or not, whether the chef wants (or has time) to doit, or that he/she is totally dismissing the chef` vision. It` the"-your-own-menu" type, who thinks that they, in this "-King-have-it-your-way" mentality, can dictate what the kitchen produces, andeven worse, when they are told that it is not possible, complain.In a fine dining restaruant that I worked, I once had to make macaroniand cheese with a poached egg on top (blech!) because the customer said hisfather used to make it for him. It` people like this that I don` needpatronagefrom and should stay at home and eat before going to the theatre. This, ofcourse, excludes any food allegeric people. I think the problem also liesin themanagement who, fearful of any backlash or complaint, easily bend tothe most ridiculous whim of every half-wit that walks into the place. Ithink customers should realize that the kitchen is a vehicle for thechef` unique vision, and if they are not willing or ready to enjoy andexperiencethis, should stay at home or go to Wendy`.2) The type who THINKS they know what they want, but in fact have noclue. These are the people who think that they know better than the brigade inthe kitchen, and are eager to lend their (unprofessional) suggestions andadvice. Examples are those who think that Medium Rare has no pink or red atall,or that the vegetables are raw, when in fact they are cooked " dente", etc.These are just misguided fools who need to be educated.

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