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Posted by Donna on September 22, 1999 at 22:02:47:

In Reply to: LEAVE!!! posted by Posted by: lisa on Fri Apr 18 13:09:45 1997 :

How about the customers who walk in 10 minutes before closing time and want to be seated and then take their good old time ordering & eating. Doesn't the public realize that a restaurant has a KITCHEN that has to be "practically taken apart & cleaned-up" for the night and that they don't wait until 2 mins before the closing sign goes up to start doing it???? Some cooks work all day 10-12 hours and some waitresses work double shifts as well,so they don't want to have to stay an extra hour or so for those uppity people to stroll in when it's convenient for them. Also those seem to be the cheap tippers too!!!! CUSTOMERS NEED TO WAKE UP OR STAY HOME!!!

I hate it when you` closing and there is that last customer that just won`leave...the front light are out, you` standing there with the vacuum, getthe hint-okay?

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