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Posted by fry daddy on August 13, 1999 at 10:48:24:

I work in a bring your own bottle restaurant, which happens to be situated just around the block from a liquor store. It is a nightly occurance to have several tables that we in the kitchen have to hold off on plating because jackasses #1 and 2 have left the friggin resaurant to go get wine!!! Our restaurant is one of the nicer/finer/more upscale in the area, and an evening of dining here typically is a 2 hour affair. Last night we recieved a phone call from a party of four who wanted to order over the phone and have the food on the table when they arrived "as close to 8:15 as possible"!!! Go to Burger fucking King if that is the way you want your dinner. I could go on forever, about the supposed meat salesman who sent his waitress into the kitchen to inform me that the veal medallions were in fact not veal.... The belligerent fool who sent his waitress back to tell me that the fish on his plate was not indeed red snapper (even though we serve it crispy skinned, with the bright red skin side UP!!) Oh this life of a cook....

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