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Posted by jgirl on August 06, 1999 at 02:23:53:

In Reply to: Response on how to get better tips posted by Hope Merideth on July 07, 1999 at 11:59:35:

Luiz, There are many ways to increase one's tip. Greet them with a smile!!! Look them in the eye, and most importantly, make them excited about the food and their dining experience. Do you know your menu inside and out? do you pick favorite things and suggest them? Do you describe your food in a way that they find it irresistable? You can increase your check average by suggestive selling WITHOUT being pushy. The larger your check the bigger the tip.(unless of course they are cheap scumbags) On the other hand, intimidating them to order the most expensive thing on the menu can be a definite turn-off. Feel them out. Are they in a hurry? Want to relax? Can you properly pronounce what you are serving? (with knowledge comes respect ) Most importantly, Do your best to treat each guest as you would treat them in your home. (Even if you don't like them) Make them feel welcome! You may not be from this country, but it is not a handicap! Use it to your advantage. I aways ask my guest at some point if everything is enjoyable. this shows you care. If anything is less than satisfactory, agknowledge, apologize act!!! If ther is a problem, get a manager, Never lert them leave unhappy. Always thank them for stopping in and tell them you look forward to seeing them again soon. I can tell you that using these standard tricks of the trade, I have built up a lot of regular clientele that ask for me and this sure helps my income during the off-season. good luck! the fact that you are inquiring shows a desire to do well and I wish you the best!!!!

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